Thanks to all who contributed to Astronomy Education with Puerto Rico. In about 18 months of work, we were able to raise about $1000. Almost all of that went toward shipping a  "used-but-in-excellent-condition" 10 inch Meade LX-200 telescope to Puerto Rico, put in the hands of amateur astronomers with an excellent history of outreach activities. I saw the gear they had when I visited PR last year, and this electronically controlled scope is a significant upgrade to their capability. (Yes, indeed, shipping to Puerto Rico is ridiculously expensive, one of the many impacts of the absurd Jones Act, which restrictively governs and hobbles the island's economy.)

We're wrapping up our AEwPR campaign, but working on redirecting and growing our nonprofit to a more global mission, focussing on science and solar energy education. We'll make an announcement about that on this page soon, before closing the page out.

We learned a LOT in doing this work. It's complex and slow and expensive and tedious to set up a non-profit, and tough to get traction in the cause-rich world of the 2019 USA. We fell absurdly short of our most ambitious fundraising goals. In the end, we didn't even cover expenses: the telescope we sent was my personal donation (I admit, I've got more telescopes than I need, so I was delighted to find a good home for it. But I could have sold it for about $2k. Just sayin')

And, honestly, people in the mainland US weren't that interested in Puerto Rico. Which I suppose was part of the reason we tried this, to shift that perspective a little. But there's a lot of history there and that's engendered a lot of mistrust and cynicism. I knew from the start, this was like rolling a heavy rock up a long steep hill. So I tried.

Thanks again for your interest.

Eric Muhs

January 2020

PS. Feel free to contact me for a more detailed look at the finances of the AEwPR project.