Interested in visiting Puerto Rico, and/or contributing in some other way ?

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, full of interesting sites of scientific interest:

The Puerto Rico Astronomy Society has a great group of energetic officers.

Participating some of their activities would be very rewarding.

They hold monthly talks and star parties.

Consider the possibility of transporting donated telescopes and laptops to the PRAS, and working with them to get them into the hands of teachers and schools.

They’d also be helpful in arranging visits to the planetarium and observatory sites we're trying to fund.

Astronomers Without Borders     is also active in PR.

Cienca Puerto Rico    Is active as well

No science trip to Puerto Rico should miss the opportunity to visit the Arecibo Radio Observatory

I rented a car - it’s an 1 1/2 drive from San Juan. Spectacular!

In Arecibo city, before you head up to the dish in the hills, there is an interesting Planetary Habitability Lab at Arecibo University

Puerto Rico also has these famous bioluminescent Bays

And lots of snorkeling opportunities

The El Yunque Rainforest: the only rainforest in the United States

If you're interested in working on service while you're in Puerto Rico:

Service opportunities in Puerto Rico

Courtesy of the onterey, Ca Rotary Club and students & teachers at Ballard High School in Seattle, Wa, we distributed about 500 of these very inexpensive personal sized WAPI units when I was there - they were VERY well received, and a great service project you could organize BEFORE you go.

There are many organizations working to increase solar power capacity in PR

Here’s one: